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Cleaning of air ducts, polluted with fats and other solid particles

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Dear Lithuanian people

On the 24th of February 2022 Russian army started military intervention into Ukraine without any reason and you musn't ignore this!
We ask you not to be indifferent and to support Ukraine in every way possible (through social networks, protests...). We need to stop this senseless invasion and make the world a good place to live in. You can support Ukraine here
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Дорогие жители Литвы

24 февраля 2022 года российская армия начала вторжение в Украину. Руководитель европейской страны (Российской Федерации) начал атаку без всякой причины, и это нельзя игнорировать.
Мы просим Вас не оставаться равнодушными и поддерживать Украину всеми возможными способами (через социальные сети, акции протеста...). Мы должны остоновить это безсмысленное вторжение и сделать мир хорошим местом для жизни. Поддержать Украину можно здесь
Слава Україні!

Very reliable in cleaning services

Although the company started its work not long ago, it already has got a well-deserved reputation in the field of ventilation cleaning, thanks to efficiency, effectiveness and fairness. We are ready to clean chimneys, ducts, hoods, grease traps, fans and more, doing the set goals very correctly. We always communicate to make the best possible project with the customer and always take into account the smallest wishes of the customer. We work all over Lithuania.

Where you do we work?

interior of a coffee shop
interior of a coffee shop

In hospitals

In cafés

In restaurants

In supermarkets

«167. In companies, institutions and organizations that produce food, according to the manufacturerrecommendations and / or requirements and a schedule approved by the head of the company, but at least oncewithin three months, the grease and other deposits accumulated in the ventilation systems must be removed.The results of the cleaning must be recorded in writing»


For general fire safety approval of the rules and whenwhose fire protection Department of the Interiorministries and fire departments protection and the rescue department to the inside Ministry of Foreign Affairs Order of the Director recognition expired

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