How do we work?

It describes everything we do with legal and individual persons, as well as the process.

With legal entities

1. We accept your call.

2. Find out the parameters of the ventilation system (you can send photos of the systems by mail). If you do not know them, we will come to see you. If you have executive documentation, send it to us by mail;

3. After determining the scope of work, we calculate the price;

4. If our price is right for you, we conclude a contract, set the date of the work and perform the work;

5. According to the results of the work, we compile accounting documents, a deed of submission of works with photos before and after cleaning.

With individuals

When the ventilation of the apartments and country houses is called, the team, equipped with the necessary tools, goes to perform the work of cleaning the system from dust and grease accumulations, as well as for a photo inspection. Based on the results of the inspection, the scope of work and the exact price are determined. We can start work immediately.

Grease duct cleaning

Exhaust ventilation cleaning works are performed at a time convenient for the Customer, usually at night (this allows not to stop the work of the Customer's company). There are hoods, grease traps, ducts and fans to clean. Before work, the premises are prepared and the kitchen equipment is covered with plastic film. Measures are taken to protect the electrical equipment in the kitchen. Where necessary and by agreement, flushing hatches shall be fitted in the ventilation ducts. At the end of the ventilation maintenance, a scheduled cleaning is performed.

Duct cleaning from dust and dirt

Ventilation system cleaning is performed in 5-30 m segments. Inspection windows are first made, through which the dust is lifted from the surface of the ducts by brush. This dust is immediately removed by a vacuum apparatus and settles in the filter block.

This prevents dust from entering the environment during cleaning. Cleaning is performed without dismantling the ducts and as soon as possible.

Conditioner cleaning

In air conditioning systems, the heat exchangers of outdoor units are clogged with dirt, dust, fluff, and the heat exchangers and drainage trays in the premises become a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria and mold.

Mechanical contamination of the heat exchanger reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, increases the load on the compressor and therefore shortens the service life of your air conditioner.

Microbial contamination in some cases causes acute pneumonia, in others - chronic respiratory diseases, weakened immunity, allergies.