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Hello everyone. We're glad you want to read our first post. It will be more about the technical side, like why and what will work on our blog. But there will still be a first post.


Pavel Murashov

1/30/20223 min read

So we propose that the entries will go out one a week and if all goes well they will go out more and more often, it's up to you, our dear readers. If you come and read our articles more often, the more motivated we will be to create new entries. They can be on many topics, from technical details and the nature of our work to customer feedback. And this time, let's talk about why our work is important. We work with both legal entities and individuals. You can read more about this on our page about the nature of work.

our way of working
our way of working
The importance of work?

As you may already know, we clean and degrease ducts, fans, chimneys, cooker hoods and more. But you may be wondering, why do we need to? And why do it at all? The answer is actually not a short one and there are several points to talk about.

Losses and human health

First for your own safety, of course. Because that fat can, for example, catch fire, with potentially serious consequences. First of all, there could be significant losses and secondly, there could even be a risk to human's health. Which is really not good. And even more so if the inspectorate comes by to check (which they are doing now) and writes a big fine (more on that later in this article).


Point 167 of the Ordinance "On Approval of General Fire Safety Rules and Declaring Obsolete Certain Orders of the Director of the Fire Protection Department under the Ministry of the Interior and the Director of the Fire Protection and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior" states that ". ...In enterprises, establishments and organisations producing food, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and/or requirements and a schedule approved by the head of the enterprise, but at least once every three months, the ventilation systems shall be cleaned of grease and other deposits accumulated therein. The results of the cleaning shall be documented in writing...'. This means that if an inspector visits your restaurant, café, bar or other premises and confirms that you have not cleaned the ventilation systems on your premises, they have every right to issue you with a fine for breaching the Order, which is something you certainly don't want.


Perhaps the most important reason why we clean the ventilation systems of facilities is human health. Poor working conditions can lead to illness. We have briefly mentioned this on our page about the nature of the work. For example, did you know that if you don't clean air conditioners (which we do), the microbial contamination they produce can lead to acute pneumonia, other chronic respiratory diseases, weakened immunity and allergies.

white and black dice on orange surface
white and black dice on orange surface

To summarise all of the above, it is still better to have your ducts, hoods, etc. cleaned so that you don't have a big impact on your business, because nobody wants to waste time and money just because they made a mistake.

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