What does cleaning in restaurants look like? Part 1

Part 1 on ventilation cleaning in restaurants.


Pavel Murashov

2/2/20221 min read

Ventilation degreasing in restaurants

Catering establishments are required to have their ventilation systems professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Very high levels of fat, which are produced when dishes are cooked and at elevated temperatures, lead to rapid contamination.

  • The fat remaining on the inner surface forms a layer that is difficult to remove.

  • This creates a breeding ground for pathogenic micro-organisms and bacteria, which is not acceptable in restaurants.

  • Cleaning of ventilation ducts of grease is carried out chemically.

  • An alkaline solution is applied to the canal walls with a spray gun and pressure washed off.

  • Thick layers of grease deposits are cleaned with metal brushes.

In a busy workshop, cleaning should be carried out once a month. Grease traps shall be installed to reduce contamination.

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