Fire due to failure to clean ducts

Why can a fire occur due to failure to clean ducts?


Pavel Murashov

2/12/20221 min read


Sediment build-up in air conditioning and ventilation systems makes it difficult to regulate the system, so the air conditioning system cannot work properly. Dust and grease deposits in ventilation units and ducts ignite easily, and the air movement inside the ducts quickly spreads the fire throughout the building. Contaminants clinging to fire dampers prevent the damper from closing, so that it cannot perform its primary function of stopping the spread of flames.

The most dangerous from the point of view of fire are the ducts of retractable systems in restaurant and cafeteria kitchens. Often the cause of fires is the failure to clean hoods and ducts of grease build-up in time. Many national cuisines have dishes prepared on very hot fires. When such dishes are cooked, the flames can easily spread from the cookware in which the dish is cooked to the grease traps in the kitchen umbrella and to other rooms inside the ventilation system. Removing grease from the duct behind the cooker hood is quite a difficult job and the duct is often left unattended. In this context, any building with an exhaust system above the kitchen equipment is at risk of fire.

blazing fire
blazing fire

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